Fake Novel: Lady Assassin

Fake Novel: Lady Assassin Promo
Our visual novel will tell you the story about a brave chibi assassin who found herself on the mission of her life. But it’s up to you to decide whether she will blindly follow her creed and master’s words or will listen to her heart!

Fake Novel: Meow

The hard times fall for Feline Kingdom… Evil Meowking oppresses his subjects, and even his son, the beautiful Meowprince can’t do anything about it! But as prophecy says, there will be mysterious Meowchosen who will change history…

Fake Novel: Dungeons & Heroines

An ordinary guy suddenly finds himself at the restaurant in the world of monster-girls and their heroes… Intrigues, love stories and the battles with the minions of a mysterious Overlord are await him…

Fake Novel: Girls Simulator

Girls Simulator Promo
You are about to experience hyper-realistic girls simulator, which is also happens to be a visual novel. Girls have very special and unique logic. Meet our characters and judge for yourself.

Fake Novel: EXP booster

Booster Promo
Want to test your patience and kill time in the company of kawaii girl? Our anime clicker booster can help with this. Well, you get more exp points and achievements for ordinary clicks. What could be simpler and more fun?

Fake Novel: Infernal Dormitory

Infernal Dormitory Promo
A young (but in age of consent!) girl found herself in the infernal dormitory amongst the monster guys. A dating simulator came true for her? Will she tame a werewolf, seduce a demon or will she be bitten by a vampire? Or else instead of datings, there’s a fate of steak waiting for her? Oh, just wanderings: most likely, she’ll get the real power and become a new commandant!